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CHKO Poľana

Informations about region Podpolanie

Poľana – the natural dominating feature of the area and symbol of the Slavs extolled by poets, towers over the region, which both the past and presence will attract your interest. There are no accurately delimited neither geographical nor administrative and legal borders in the PODPOĽANIE region. It is one of the most distinctive Slovak regions. The picturesque foothill countryside distinguishes in natural beauties, plenty of forests, streams and mineral sources as well as in still continuing folk culture. The Poľana stratovolcano (1, 458 m asl) belongs among the highest extinct volcanoes in Europe. The Poľana territory was designated as protected landscape area and it was filed into the world network of biosphere reserves of UNESCO (20,360 ha). Precious ecosystems are occurring here. Interesting rock boulders and remains of volcanic activities of Poľana are a favourite destination of walking tours. These are also the attractive training terrain for rock climbers. The Vodopád Bystré (Waterfall Bystré), Bátovský balvan (Bátovský boulder), Jánošíková skala (Jánošík’s rock) and many others belong between other beautiful natural concerns. Podpoľanie offers good conditions for skiing, cross-country skiing, riding, flying, paragliding, hiking, agrotourism as well as cycling. Local forests are the home of the bear, wolf, lynx, wild cat, deer and boar and they are one of the best hunting districts in Slovakia. Towns and villages of Podpoľanie and mountain settlements scattered on the Poľana bottom propose both meetings with traditions and charm of the life in the countryside. Visit the region below majestic Poľana and discover its concerns and beauties!