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CHKO Poľana


Protected landscape area Poľana

Poľana is the highest volcanic mountain range in Slovakia. In the territory of Poľana a huge volcano with the average of 20 metres was formed by volcanic activity and that is why it belongs among the biggest burn out volcanoes.

In the central part of the territory a typical caldera preserved. Also remains of lava andesite flows preserved and many of them are declared small protected areas. It is Kalamárka, Melichova rock, waterfall Bystrô. Batovský rock, Jánošíks rock and Veporské vrchy (hills) represent agglomerate remains. The specific of the protected landscape area is unique spruce forest in Zadná Poľana which is situated in the most southern border of former territory in the Western Carpathians on andesite substratum.

There is an occurrence of many protected and precious vegetation. From fauna there is an occurrence of bear, wolf, catamount, eagle (Aquila pomarina) or owl (Bubo Bubo). Since the year 1990 this territory of protected landscape area Poľana is a biospheric reserve of UNESCO.

Natural monuments and attractions in protected landscape area Poľana

Bátovský rock
Beech under Široká
Dobročsky prales (The forest of Dobroč)
The rocks Havranie skaly
Horná Chrapková
Hrb (1225 metres above sea level)
Hrochotská valley
Jánošíks rock
Kaľamárka rocks
Rocky creek (Kamenistý potok)
Melichova rock
Mičinské travertine
Poľana (1459 metres above sea level)
Waterfalls of Predajná
Waterfall Bystrô

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